Thursday, October 30, 2008

You Can't See Me

I have to give props to Clay Travis for this (man, I am so white) . . .

Bigger Better Beards

Clay is an author/attorney living in Nashville and wrote “Dixieland Delight” a hilarious book about the 2006 college football season he spent attending an SEC game in every SEC stadium. He also coined the phrase “BGID” (Beard Gettin’ it Done). I’ve e-mailed Clay a couple times, and we’re “friends” on Facebook, but I think we’re still on the stalker/fan level vs. real-life friends. He did give me a shout out in one of his “Mail Bag” columns for CBS Sportsline earlier this summer, so I don’t know, you decide . . .

We’re coming up on November 1st which means two (closely related) events:


No Shave November

If I had my way, I too, would grow a long beard, just like the guys in ZZ Top. I actually left my razor at home this week, so I’ve got a pretty sweet Don Johnson five o’clock shadow goin’ on, but I think I’m going to wait until January to start my “Busy Season Beard” . . .

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