Thursday, October 16, 2008

This was brought to me by a mother . . . of children

Was T. Boone Pickens really on Rick and Bubba this morning??

If you aren’t familiar with Boone, he made a name for himself as a corporate raider in the 80’s and I’ve heard is one of the inspirations behind Gordon Gekko’s character in
“Wall Street” (PS – I really like that movie).

T. Boone is also well known for being a HUGE backer to Oklahoma State University and their athletic program (he’s given over $400 million, although his hedge fund still manages a huge chunk of it).

Anyways, you might have seen ole Boone in various television commercials the last few months promoting his “Pickens Plan” to get America off their dependence on foreign oil. Boone comes off very altruistic and grandfatherly (I expect Wilford Brimley to sit down next to him and talk about di-a-beet-us), but I’ve got a hunch he’s got a bigger financial stake in this then he’s letting on . . .

Holy Moley, that picture still freaks me out!

Anyways, I thought it was pretty impressive Rick and Bubba had him on their show (I think Boone was confused and thought they were broadcasting from Georgia), but I’d love to see them have Warren Buffett on. He’s a man. He’s 78!

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Maggie said...

That is the craziest looking picture I have ever seen of that man, Alex -- Where do you find this stuff????