Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tonight I ate in the presence of Greatness!

I had never heard of Ronnie Gilley before this week, but apparently he is hot stuff down here in Enterprise.* In addition to his country music career, he’s a real estate developer, and has his own restaurant called Creekside Grille (attached to a gas station). Don’t get me wrong, this restaurant was very family friendly with a tasty menu.

They also had their wine list inside the napkin dispenser.

My issue with ole R.G. is he had a partition in the back of the restaurant with a booth just for him. Seriously?? Who has a private booth in the back of a well-lit, family restaurant attached to a gas station??

After we ordered our dinner, guess who walks in??

Ronnie Gilley, himself.

I promise, this guy reminds me of the villain in Road House or Walking Tall. Instead of visiting with the locals (his customers), he sat in the back, being awesome.

Does anyone else thinks Enterprise needs a James Dalton??

*Note: We are working in Elba, AL, but staying in Enterprise, AL on account of the lack of hotel rooms in Elba.


Jay said...

Too bad you weren't down there this this week for the National Peanut Festival in Dothan! Did you take that picture of Ronnie Gilley and Bucky Covington? I think Bucky is on the all-star lineup for the NPF Entertainment, so I'm sure he was around down there somewhere.

Alex said...

We did pass a peanut factory in Enterprise, but sadly we only take one week for interim testing . . .