Monday, October 27, 2008

I Don’t Need a Hot Breakfast to Have a Good Time

I guess the saying goes “There’s a silver lining to every cloud” . . . and today I found that silver lining

Sikes & Kohn’s Country Mall This is the first week I’ve worked on this client (names shall remain confidential to protect the innocent), and one of my fellow auditors told me last week that every time we drive down to Elba, we stop in Pine Level, AL to go to Sikes & Kohn.

I can’t get enough of plaid and/or flannel. Give me a pair of jeans or carhartts and a plaid shirt and I will be happy as a clam. This place looks like it used to be a huge TNT/Fireworks Emporium buts has been gutted and filled with Shoes, Cowboy Boots, Under Armour, Carhartts, and Plaid, Flannel & Western-style Shirts.

This is only ONE of the rooms (I thought it would be a little weird if I photographed all of the rooms on my cell phone). I seriously have never seen so many Columbia and North Face shirts in one place.

My roommate (more on that in a minute) told me they have a 20% off sale in February (when we come back to wrap up testing) and I think I know where all of my Christmas money is going!!! In case, you can't read, their number is 1-888-584-7402. Check 'em out the next time your’re driving down Highway 231.

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Jay said...

Have I not mentioned the greatest of Sikes & Kohn's Country Mall to you before in the past? I stop there pretty much every time I trek it back home to Dothan. Who would have thought you could buy chaps and Cole Hahn dress shoes at the same place? And, the 20% off sale in February is not just a myth.