Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jaeger (schnitzel) Bombs!

Last fall (2007), I went to NYC for work and one of my co-workers (who was of German descent) really wanted some good Bavarian food. We went to Lederhosen for lunch, and he raved about their Jaegerschnitzel (which coincidentally does not contain any J├Ągermeister. It’s just wiener schnitzel “in Mushroom Gravy.”)

Cooking pork has always been a little intimidating (the thought of dry tasteless pork chops come to mind), but this past weekend I decided, the TMF'Hs will have schnitzel!!*

So I searched the internet for different recipes, and here is what I came up with:

I had the mushroom gravy in a bowl (more of dipping sauce) because I didn’t want the meat to get soggy.

We ate this with okra and diced tomatoes (why I’ve never eaten this combo until recently, I’ll never know) and some baked sweet potato fries. Mmmmmmmmmm, tasty!

*And yes, I realize that traditionally, wiener schnitzel is prepared with veal . . .


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Hope i didnt ruin your formative years with the dry chops!