Friday, October 10, 2008

At the Party

I’m usually pretty late jumping on bandwagons. It seems like 2008 is the “it” year to have a blog (although Gray has been rockin’ one since 2005) and I thought I would join the party.

Why do I have a blog?? Do I have anything that interesting to say?? My wife said I should start a blog called “What I learned on Wikipedia today” since most days I come home with useless trivia or facts on random topics I looked up that day. So I’ll probably post that kind of stuff along with my thoughts on music, food, news, etc. I might even post some pictures, too . . .

Where did “That Much Further ‘Ham” come from?? Good question.

I moved to Birmingham three years ago after “growing up” in Memphis. I really like living here and realize it has a lot more to offer than I thought when I first got here (is that a run-on sentence?).

One of my favourite bands has a song (and album) called “That Much Further West.” You should check it out.

I also really like cooking and food, so I thought ‘Ham would be a clever play on words.

Now that we have that awkward introduction over with, let the blogging begin!

PS - I use quotation marks, exclamation points, and ellipses way more than necessary . . .

1 comment:

Gray said...

My friend...I am so glad to see that you have joined the sweet world of Blogging. I will say that it is about as sweet as Krystal at 4 AM the night before a friends wedding. Thanks for the shout out. I'll link you up on mine.