Friday, May 14, 2010

In the Summertime when the Weather is High . . .

Sooooooooooooooooooooo, I’m sure you’ve noticed I really haven’t felt too bloggy lately. Wish I had more pictures of what we’ve been up to the last month, but you’ll have to settle for this:

We dedicated our sweet baby girl to the Lord last Sunday (Happy Mother’s Day). She (the LOML and my daughter) is the best!!! And at her doctor’s check-up today, she’s in the 95% for weight (my daughter, not the LOML)!!

I bought my ticket this week to see the Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Surfer Blood @ the Bottletree next month!!! Now I just need to find my Smiths’ Singles cd to get pumped up. (HT: Will)

I just changed most of the privacy setting (and profile information) on Facebook (and I’ve really toyed with the idea of deleting my account . . . Oh No, He didn’t!! Oh Yes, He might??). Still haven’t seen the South Park episode about FB, but I’ve heard it’s pretty funny.

I just ordered a new shoot-through umbrella and bounce reflector!!! I have some shoots scheduled in the next few months (I also have bad G.A.S.)

I’m still trying to hit up Planet Fitness (more than once a week), but haven’t really dropped any lbs. Probably because I make stuff like this.

If you’re bored and looking for some new sites to add to your RSS feed, check out these out, I've happened upon in the last month or so:

Both Sides of the Table
Entrepreneur turned VC, Mark Suster’s thoughts on all things Start-Up, Technology, etc.

Going Concern
Accounting News & Gossip (I can’t think of a topic most of you would be less interested in)

Friday, May 7, 2010


2 weeks huh??? Anyways, I’m back and wanted to share what we received from CSA week 3!!! (we’re splitting (alternating weeks) our share with good friends, Grantham & Liz)

Spring onions
Bok Choy (ironic?)
Salad Mix

Also, call me crazy, but I’ve really wanted to try out a Basil smoothie. I got a few basil plants a couple weeks ago at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens plant sale, and they’ve come along nicely. Since I usually throw in a TON of baby spinach, and lately been adding avocado to my smoothies, I thought “What the heck?” Let’s go all-in crazy????

First, if you’re not adding baby spinach to your smoothies, you really are missing out. You don’t taste ANYTHING but you get all sorts of good vitamins, healthy stuff, etc. Also, avocado adds a whole new level of creaminess (sort of ice-creaminess), and again, you don’t taste any avocado flavor. Alright, here’s what my green Basil smoothie included

Vanilla yogurt (I froze some in the ice tray last week)
Spinach (a lot)
Sweet Basil (9 leaves - fresh)
½ Avocado (frozen)
1 Tbs (generous) Peanut butter
I also added some frozen honey dew and cantaloupe pieces after it had been blending.

Ok, full disclosure. This was just alright for me dawg. I got a faint basil flavor, but it didn’t really impress or wow me. Honestly, skip the basil, add a little more fruit, and enjoy. It was a fun green color though . . . (Sarah & Chad, you should make this for the kiddies!)