Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Accidental Guide to Blogging

I've already mentioned I’m a pretty big Michael Lewis fan. Last night (with all this ample free time in my hotel room), I finished reading his accidental guide to fatherhood, “Home Game.”

Everyone knows Michael Lewis is a fantastic writer. But these stories don’t leave you laughing out loud (well, there are a few exceptions) or reaching for the nearest Kleenex. He isn’t writing heartwarming tales of puppy dogs, sugar plums, or any other sentimental pleasantries expected to come with new fatherhood. No, he writes what (I imagine) most new fathers are thinking or experiencing after childbirth (or rather, their wife’s giving birth), i.e., mostly hijinks and shenanigans.

The stories from “Home Game” first appeared in a series of columns Lewis wrote for a few years ago, which helps explain the flow/style (my literary analysis is so strong, I know) of the book (the “chapters” are about 5-7 pages each, and it’s not necessary to read them in sequence aka they don’t really build off each other).

All in all, I thought it was a good read, but I really think the best story of the whole book is the first one in the introduction. If you’ve got a spare 5 or 10 minutes at Barnes & Noble, you should definitely check it out (it did make me lolz).

Speaking of Lewis, has anyone else notice the recent marketing blitz for the Blind Side (I feel like every time I change the channel, I’m watching another preview on TV)?? I’m pumped about this movie because :

a) I’m a big Michael Lewis fan and this was a REALLY good book (although this film will probably only address half the subject matter of his book, and
b) The story is set in Memphis, specifically my high school’s arch rival, Briarcrest (known as Westminster in the film).

Plus Tommy T, Dr. Lou and a host of other football coaches make cameos which should lead to hilarity all on its own (Why isn’t Ed Orgeron in any of the previews???).

The previews look a little too chick flick-ish, but I’m hoping that’s just a ploy to get wives/girlfriends, etc. to see a movie about a 300+ lb offensive lineman.

Oh yeah, one last story (the World Series is still on*). A few months ago, Clay Travis was reporting on the progress of the Blind Side filming, and I sent him in a news tip from the Commercial Appeal. I actually e-mailed all our dude friends and CC:ed C’lay like we were buddies. We had a nice little e-mail chain going, and Colton said it’d be cooler to have Michael Lewis’ e-mail address, and then JD called C’lay “Randy”, and Clay ended up replying back to all us. Pretty sweet.

*Nevermind. Happy World Series, Evil Empire (Yanks)

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