Monday, November 30, 2009

Bourbon. Milkshake.

Before I get into any more winter squash recipes (and I KNOW you are dying for that butternut squash casserole post), I have to tell you about, what may be, the single tastiest and most indulgent drink I’ve ever had . . . BOURBON MILKSHAKES!!

I read something about a bourbon milkshake a month or so ago, and thought, dang, that is awesome. I actually read an article about a Guinness milkshake (thank you, Alamo Drafthouse) back in spring in the Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine, and thought I’d like to try one of those, too (SEC Championship, anyone??).

Most of the Bourbon Milkshake recipes I searched for try and give you some homemade ice cream recipe. I’m not going to. I don’t have time to churn homemade ice cream in the winter, and this “Homemade Vanilla” ice cream from Blue Bell was awesome. Here’s my “recipe”:

1 pint Vanilla Ice Cream*
1 shot Bourbon (roughly, I didn’t really measure it)

Let the ice cream soften a bit. Put everything in the blender. Blend. Stir it around with a spoon. Blend some more. Put it in the freezer if it’s too soft. Enjoy.

If I had discovered these in college, I would probably be a lot fatter than I am today. I know it doesn’t look like much, but I actually only had half of this Saturday night, and the rest Sunday afternoon, which by the way, I think was even better after a night in the freezer. It was like soft serve Bourbon ice cream. Awesome-town, USA.

PS – these glasses have some type of decorative brown ring on the top. They were not rimmed with chocolate (although, now that you mention it???).

* My first attempt at a Bourbon Milkshake was about a month ago, when I used some Low-fat Vanilla Frozen Yogurt we already had in the freezer. This was probably the dumbest thing I could have done. It was awful, and I ruined a perfectly good shot (or two) of Maker’s.


Z said...

Your health will now follow the bacon curve:

jonathanharden said...

hook a brotha up with the guinness recipe!

A said...

After scouring the interwebz, I believe this is it (sunflower seeds optional, IMO):

4 oz Guinness
14 oz super-premium vanilla ice cream
Whipped cream, for garnish
Green chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, for garnish

Combine ice cream and Guinness in a blender. Pour into a glass, then add a swirl of whipped cream and sunflower seeds to taste.