Monday, November 16, 2009

War Damn Weekend

The LOML and I went to Auburn last weekend.

Why would you go to Auburn for an away game??


Just kidding. We just went for a nice, relaxing weekend at the AU Hotel & Conference Center. Walked around and ate at some of our favourite spots. Funniest sighting of the weekend was an “Aubie has a Posse” t-shirt in the vein of Shepard Fairey.

Here’s a severely over-exposed (err, “artsy”) picture of the pregnant LOML in front of Samford.

PS – Did you know Breeze Way shut down???? Apparently, it’s an India Garden restaurant now!! Gahlee, lucky AU students!!!


Zach said...

are you serious about Breezeway??? We eat there every time we're in town. I worked there in college. How tragic. I'll have to go to the one in Opelika now.

A said...

i am serious about BW, but i think the one in downtown Opelika is still open.

everything in au looks different (sad face)