Monday, November 9, 2009

Blogging by the Book

This is what you came for. Pregnant belly shots of the Mrs. This was taken yesterday @ 30 weeks (plus 2 days). She really does look great for being 7 months pregnant.

The LOML and I had a pretty jam-packed parent (to-be) focused weekend. Saturday we had an all day parenting class at the hospital (they basically crammed four parenting classes into one day). I was telling fellow father-to-be Scooter, that it covered a lot of information that seems would be common sense, but you (I) don’t already know it. I mean, it wasn’t mind blowing information, but definitely good stuff to know. For instance, I learned how a baby literally gets from the safe and warm comforts of the LOML’s womb to the cold, harsh reality of an Obama administration (I guess that path could change with future healthcare legislation . . . Sorry. Glenn Beck just hijacked my computer. I promise I won’t get political up in here). We also learned about c-sections, swaddling, nursing, and a number of other baby related topics.

Then on Sunday, we had the extreme pleasure of hearing John Rosemond* speak at St. Peter’s. John is a nationally syndicated family psychologist and “expert” on parenting/child rearing. He is very OLD SCHOOL about his thoughts/methods regarding parenting (he also doesn’t claim them to be his thoughts/methods . . . they’re common sense, and been around forever. Or at least until the 1960’s when things got all psycho-babble cattywompus). Even though John is a board certified psychologist, he says “he no longer even ‘believes’ in psychology, calling it a ‘largely disingenuous secular religion that has fostered more discord and disharmony in the American family than any other single contemporary force except, perhaps, television.’" The LOML was already a fan of his work from her education classes at AU, and has been RAVING about his latest, “Parenting by the Book” the last few weeks. I’m planning on reading it this week, but would highly recommend you check out his work. He spoke for about 80 minutes, but if you missed it, his message should be available as a free download on St. Peter’s website sooner, than later (no link right now).

And speaking of downloads . . . THE HOOD INTERNET MIXTAPE VOL. FOUR dropped TODAY!!!!!!!!!!1!

* I don’t know what it is, but John Rosemond reminds me of an old English actor. Like the guy who played Dumbledore in HP 1 & 2 . . .


Anna Bean said...

Alex, tell your precious pregnant wife that she looks AMAZING!! I am so excited for you guys. If she has a sepreate blog (that perhaps contains more baby info), I would love to keep up with you guys that way also. My email is

Sarah Green said...

Wow, Jordan looks amazing. Also, I seriously just got SO excited for you guys with all of this impending baby prep! Call me and we shall talk all things baby.