Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This post reminds me of that blog Gray mentioned a few months back, The Dullest Blog in the World

Just wanted to warn you. Feel free to navigate away. I won’t get my feelings hurt.

So when I started working at (insert name of firm I currently work for) they gave me an Office Plant to welcome me to the fam. Sounds pretty lame, right?? Actually you’d be surprised how much “life” a small plant brings to a painfully fluorescently-lit, four-walled office (that’s right, no cubes here!). I liked my plant and took pride in the fact I had kept it alive the past 17 months . . . until this week :(

You see, usually I could go a week or so without watering it, let it “die,” then water it again and watch it "come back to life.” Not so this time. I think it has gone through shock and not coming back. Are there any botanist blog stalkers out there? Am I considered an awful plant owner or is 17 months a pretty good run for an office plant??

Wow, I just fell asleep typing this. I’m going home . . .

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Gray said...

If you have ever read Marley and Me, then it would be time to get a dog. See chapter 1.