Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Red Hot + Blog

So it seems the Music Blog-o-sphere is all a flutter this week (and will continue to flutter the next two weeks) with news and track listings on the upcoming Dark was the Night compilation (no relation to Christian Bale’s bat-crazy rant earlier this week) soon to be released by the Red Hot organization. According to their website, Red Hot Organization (RHO) is an international organization dedicated to fighting AIDS through pop culture.

Does that sound like fun to anyone else??? Can I fight something through pop culture?? What if I throw a Chuck Klosterman book at a client who doesn’t have their information ready for an audit?? Can someone grant me 501(c)3 status for that??

Anyways, I remember RHO from their No Alternative compilation released in 1993 (you recognize this album cover from your BMG Music catalog don’t you??)

I bought it in high school, b/c I liked the hidden Nirvana track (initially coined “Verse Chorus Verse," later dubbed “Sappy”). Ironically, there is a really crappy CCR cover by Uncle Tupelo that I always skip over.

Why am I droning on and on about RHO and Dark was the Night??? Oh yeah . . . because every Indie Superstar you could name is on this Comp!!! Arcade Fire, the Decemberists, Conor Oberst, Yo La Tengo, Feist + Ben Gibbard, My Morning Jacket, blah blah blah (chk chk chk)

Seriously though, if the Mrs. is reading this and wants to know what I want for a (belated) Valentines gift (it drops 2/17/09), surf over to and pre-order this!!

In other Music News, is combining forces with Sam George + to become THE place for local music. “We’re” putting on a show this Saturday night at Speakeasy to celebrate. Bright Henry, The Photonicas and The Dirty Lungs for $5.

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omniplug said...

i have the CD in my hand. where are you? want it? or.... may i? want a copy? I will give it to you in a heartbeat.. No Alternative. I forgot i had it until it was mentioned in the blog.

my email is