Sunday, March 14, 2010

Measure Me Sunday

A couple* weeks ago, I had planned on posting my own “Measure Me Sunday” where I would track my progress at the gym and healthy (healthier) eating habits. Weeeelllllllllll, I never posted those initial measurements, and since then haven’t really made any progress, so I never followed through with it. Sorry.

After NOLA (and some encouraging word from the LOML), I feel like this past week has been really good on the healthy lifestyle front. As of today, I’m 205.5 lbs, which is 1 pound less then my original weigh-in last month, but I’ve probably lost closer to 5 this week, if you count what I weighed in at last Sunday (from all those crappy (albeit, delicious) calories in NOLA). It’s pretty tempting to want to hop on the scale every day, but going forward, I’m going to try and only weigh-in once a week. Since I’m not rocking p90x, I don’t think I’m going to measure (neck, chest, gut, etc.) every week, but I might do a monthly progress report.

Oh yeah, why else I’m posting?

Everyone knows music can get you PUMPED up when getting your sweat on. I made a “Work-out Mix” when I signed up for Planet Fitness and here are some songs that have helped me “Push it to the Limit” (port of Miami) on the treadmill and elliptical (I’ll admit to air drumming while listening to some of these). If you’re looking for some new tunes to GET YOU IN THE ZONE, I’d recommend any (though, some may have explicit content!!)

Thrash Unreal” (Against Me!) – I wore my AM! shirt the other day. I could tell the Sleeve Monsters were frightened

D.O.A.” (Jay Reatard) – 68 seconds of sweaty rock

I’m So Hood – REMIX” (DJ Khaled, etc.) – you’d be surprised how much Rap and Hip-Hop improves your cardio (and AUDITING!)

Brooklyn Go Hard” (Jay-Z) – I listened to this song a lot last year

Swagga Like Us” (T.I.) – Can’t wear skinny jeans

Stay Positive” (Hold Steady) – Title should be self-explanatory. Great song when finishing up your work-out.

Superimposed” (the Glass) – If I was ever going to film a car chase scene in a French film, I’d want this as the background music. I don’t know why.

Search and Destroy” (Iggy Pop & the Stooges) – Get your ass the hell off my boat

Freedom” (Rage Against the Machine) – the verses are a little dull, but the intro/chorus guitar riff is sweet

Blood and Thunder” (Mastodon) – Roooooooooooar, literary references!!!!

The Wolf is Loose” (Mastodon) – this song would scare the baby

Walk” (Pantera) – I wish I played football in high school, just so I could listen to this song before the Friday Night Lights.

Creeping Death” (Metallica) – some good ole fashioned 80’s thrash metal

Holier than Thou” (Metallica) – my favourite track off the Black Album.

Broken, Beat & Scarred” (Metallica) – 46 year-old James Hetfield could be hard to take seriously, but this song is good stuff.

I’ve got a whole lot more songs on the playlist, but we’ll save those for another day (?)

* has anyone else gotten into discussion/debate about the word “couple” when describing any amount other than two?? I’ve always used the word “couple” to describe anywhere from 2 to 4 (maybe even 5) objects/items. My sweet, dear wife likes to point out there are 2 people in a couple, and therefore “couple” shouldn’t be used to describe any other amount. I really should be saying a “few” . . .

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