Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are You There April 16th? It's Me TMF’H

Sorry I haven’t been too bloggy lately. It’s been kinda busy around TMF’H, what with corporate deadlines, catching up from the weekend, trying to get my gym on, and taking in all of the little munchkin’s newfound laughter/giggles/smiles :)

Speaking of NOLA, it was a success!! Sure I completely negated any progress (?) I’ve made at planet fitness, but we ate a lot of tasty food, like this:

Cochon De’lait Po-Boy (w/ Creole-Slaw). It’s basically baby (suckling pig) pulled pork. I did not feel guilty eating this.

The Draft started around 9 am Saturday morning, and I pulled the (lucky) 13th spot (I selected Ryan Howard in the first round). Stephen actually got the party started around 7:30 am Saturday morning with the theme from Ghostbusters, and Stew started making Bloody Mary’s. You can see our (impressive) draft board in the background.

And what trip to Nawlins would be complete without a trip (or two) to Harrah’s Casino. As an ardent supporter of Crown Financial Ministries/Dave Ramsey/basic personal finance, I’m not a big fan of gambling (maybe if I watched 21 again??) but I was able to enjoy watching my buddies gamble without the hassle of losing $200 in ten minutes! PS – I’m not “casting judgment” on anyone who gambles, I’m personally just not “good” at it and therefore don’t like throwing my money away. If you’re able to “bring down the house” more power to ya!!

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