Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Boy Named Shu*

The other day I stumbled upon this article on Alton Brown’s (semi) recent weight loss (also featured on a recent episode of Good Eats). Basically he lost 50 pounds by eating Sardine and Avocado sandwiches . . . ok, not really, but he did explain 4 basic lists (food groups) and how often you should eat them (he does NOT consider this a diet).

Consume daily:
Fruits, Whole Grains, Leafy Greens, Nuts, Carrots, and Green Tea

At least 3 times a week:
Oily fish, Yogurt, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes, and Avocado

No more than 1 time a week:
Red Meat, Pasta, Dessert, and Alcohol

Foods to avoid:
Fast Food, Soda, Processed meals (TV dinners), Canned Soups (salt), and "Diet" anything

Seems pretty logical, right?? Obviously, I need to cut down on the Red Meat, Pasta & Dessert category, but I think the LOML and I get some good items from the first two groups. Well, this article has inspired me to up my Green Tea (ancrient Chinese secret say . . . sorry) and Oily Fish intake.

So far I’m on Day 3 of green tea, and it’s not that bad (it’s actually kinda bland). We’ve got the Kirkland variety here at the office (free) and I’ve been drinking it straight (no lemon, sugar, etc. – I’m sure that would be blasphemous in hard-core green tea circles). Hopefully, whatever (proven and unproven) health benefits from drinking this stuff will be worth it.

As far as oily fish goes, I’ve seen a couple of recipe posts in the last couple months that piqued my interest. The first time I had sardines (freshly caught and grilled) was in 5 Terre, Italy, and the last time was on a pizza at Bettola. From doing a search on-line, quality and taste can vary pretty widely, but I’m looking forward to trying some out sooner than later (I have a feeling the LOML will pass).

Yes, I realize the irony in posting this the night before I head out on a weekend full of Jambalaya, Crawfish/Oysters, Dixie Beer, and Bourbon.

* obscure work-related reference


Will said...

After my lovely bout with the bubonic plague week before last - I had no coffee for a week. I figured what better time to ween myself off of coffee - with Green Tea. That's all I've been drinking this week. May I recommend this type as it is the most tolerable of greenies:

A said...

i'll have to check out that brand. my office also has Bigelow's green tea but it is WEAK and seriously tasteless (compared to kirkland's)

i'm now at 2 cups (mugs) a day