Monday, September 21, 2009

Don’t call what you’re wearing an Outfit

I was folding laundry the other day and realized something . . . I can’t wear that anymore.

This realization wasn’t easy. I guess I’ve been fighting this (losing) battle since I graduated college. I’m sure everyone goes through this stage, where they think they’re still as young and rockin’ as they were in their (early) twenties.

But I’m (almost) 28 years old. I’m a CPA. I enjoy college football. I’m expecting my first child in January. I’ve come to realize recently that a lot of the things I used to wear are not socially acceptable in my current state of affairs.

No one wants to see a (slightly) over-weight aging-hipster (?) wearing an Against Me! t-shirt to the grocery store. Those whipper-snapper kids don’t think I’m cool. I know I’m out of step with the style. I know I don’t know where the actions happening. I know the downtown club scene ain't nothing like it used to be.

I guess this shirt has always been a stretch for me (no pun intended. Yes, I know it’s snug). I’m a social conservative. I don’t have mutual distaste for everything else. I got this at an AM! show in early 2004 (Cave 9). I felt pretty old at that concert, and I know those kids would think I’m a NARC today.

So now, I’ve basically got a bunch of t-shirts that I can only get away with (?) wearing if I’m working out (taking the dog for a walk) or working in the yard.

Maybe I’ll turn this into a recurring feature of TMF’H? I had grandiose dreams of writing a book based on this discovery (Daniel, where are you??), while browsing the humour section of Barnes & Noble a few weeks back.

PS - the LOML and I got our BABY FURTNITURE in this weekend!!!!!!!1! I’m not afraid to say, we have one good looking crib (last shred of street cred falls to the floor) . . .


skemaddox said...

If you moved to LA and grew a beard you would fit in just fine. There are plenty of 40 year olds still rockin black T's and skinny jeans while pushin a stroller through the aisles of a Trader joes while their hipster wives scour the shelves for the latest organic grub.

Laurie said...

you can totally still rock it while doing yard work or building the new swingset in the backyard. if youre gonna toss your old tshirts, send them my way.

ps - i came across a way too small tshirt from wilco's a ghost is born tour. im saving it for lilian. i figured she can at least wear it after she takes a bath during her toddler years. im determined for your child to be hip. :)

Z said...

Hey, at least you can still wear this one:

Whitney said...

I love the crib!!! And you can certainly wear those shirts for yard work or to protect spit-up from landing all over your dress shirts. I have a feeling you'll need it...recycled burp pads!

Sarah Green said...

I love this post. The more I hang out with college kids who were born in the 90's, the older I feel. My heart tells me I'm still 21, but my head (and tired body) remind me that I'm sneaking up on 28. Ugh.

LA girl said...

skemaddox, seriously....I can vouch for that.

Alex, hey man...just wanted to let you know that we were rockin' your town last weekend. Made the trip to Birmingham for some "couple" time. I was reading about the college music scene while I was there so this post hit my funny bone.

LA girl said...

oh yeah....the crib definitely rocks.

nick said...

"If you moved to MEMPHIS and grew a beard you would fit in just fine. There are plenty of 27 year olds still rockin black T's and skinny jeans..."

A said...

thanks for the post love, everybody!

@bandaniel, we could try that at our local WF. Trader Joe's always reminds me of Take Home Chef.

@laurie, YES, YES, YES!! save that WILCO t-shirt for LR!

@Mike, stone gossard thanks you

@whitney, great new business idea - hipster, concert burp pads!

@SBG, i can't believe college kids were born in the 90s. they must think Chad and his 70's birthday is a sr citizen (no offense, Chad!)

@LA Girl, glad you had fun in Bham!! Bottletree saved our music scene.

@n!ck, you know i need to lose about 40 lbs before i could fit into skinny jeans . . . the beard will be back though