Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hey Mama

Before I post anything, I have to make a HUGE DISCLAIMER:

The LOML is completely against having pregnant “baby bump” pictures of herself taken, and did NOT want this picture broadcast all over the internet/facebook. I’ve been saying the last few weeks that we really needed to take some pictures (since she’s starting to show), but every weekend seemed to come and go, without us “finding time” to take a picture.

SO, you’ll have to imagine the HUGE SMILE on her face while we took this picture yesterday. In case you hadn’t heard, we are having a GIRL and she looks to be arriving January 17th, 2010!!! Just so there won’t be any confusion, we’re thinking of referring to her as the LOOL (Love of our Life) or SBG (Sweet Baby Girl) on the blog. My dear wife will still be referred to as the Mrs. or the LOML (Love of my Life).


The Nolen Family said...

AHH so glad she took a picture! Too cute!

The Bridgers Duo said...

The cutest baby bump ever!

Sarah Green said...

I vote SBG! Great initials in my opinion.