Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pacing the Panic Room (where's Dwight Yoakam?)

Ever since finding out the LOML and I were pregnant (well, she’s pregnant, but we’re both going to be parents), I’ve discovered there is a whole new world of Parenting/Daddy blogs* out there on the internet. They run the gamut from traditional parenting tips to the hipster/alterna-dad (sometimes, a little over the top), but one blog I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last 5 months is Pacing the Panic Room. Ryan (author or PtPR) found a good bit of “internet fame" this year as the photographer behind his pregnant wife’s “American Apparel” inspired maternity series, but has kept his readers with REALLY good writing (and interesting topics) since the birth of his daughter, Tessa Tangerine.

A few weeks back, he posted about his wife and his decision to go with non-disposable cloth diapers (Fuzzi Bunz to be exact) for their new baby girl. Much like Ryan, the thought of washing dirty diapers with your laundry makes me gag, but he had a lot of interesting stats/information and I found myself e-mailing the link to the Mrs. with a whaddya think??

Well, today he has posted a contest to give away some Fuzzi Bunz diapers (Ryan himself traded his photography skills for a sweet bounty of Fuzzi Bunz, and now wants to share the wealth). He’s going to pick a winner this Monday (by random number generator), so cross your fingers that we could be one (?) of the lucky winners!!

* Speaking of parenting blogs, you should totally check out . . . my nieces/nephews are hilarious/awesome!


MIMI said...

Disposable diapers hadn't been invented when your mother and your aunts were babies, so it was cloth diapers for all. Everyone I knew used a diaper pickup and delivery service which worked out just fine. The sight of that truck coming down the street was the gift that kept giving!

LA girl said...

I spent two hours on this website the other night thanks to you. Very addicting.