Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My CPA's got a Beard like a Billy Goat

Things I won’t Miss about Busy Season

Working until 10 pm

Required Saturdays

Spending more waking time with my office plant (it came back to life), than my wife

Tax checklists

Review notes (these are year-round, just multiplied during Busy Season)

Things I will Miss about Busy Season

Dippin’ Dots (unlimited in our office kitchen from March 30th until April 15th)


Bowen said...
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Bowen said...

What about the Pickled Eggs?

Will said...

that's totally Paul's Boutique...yeah?

A said...

fo sheezy!

I couldn't get that Matt & Kim/Beastie mash-up off repeat a few weeks ago!!

LA girl said...

I definitely don't miss those days! My hubby is a CPA and I remember well the days in public. We both worked at PwC in Los Angeles together and then we both left at the same time. I guess everyone has to do their time.