Monday, April 20, 2009

Welcome to City Wok, Would You like some City Beef?

How did I celebrate the end of Busy Season (and our office closing on Friday)??

Korean food at Seoul Restaurant with Grantham!!


A trip to the “International Market” around the corner from our house!!

For lunch, Grant had Korean BBQ’ed beef and I ordered some other type of Korean stir-fryed beef. In keeping with true heterosexual, food-blogging tradition (No Homo!), we traded plates half-way through and also broke out our camera phones to capture the meal! Lunch also came with various pickled vegetable appetizers. I’ve never had kimchi, and even though it gets a bad rap (rep? wrap?), I thought it was pretty good.

From the looks of the outside, you’d expect sketchy cock fighting inside the International Market. I don’t know if I’d trust the “fresh produce”, but I’d go back the next time we’re making stir-fry. Here’s the aisle with every brand of Soy, Hosin, Fish, Sirachi, etc. sauce you’d ever need!!

Unfortunately, the folks at International Market don’t take credit cards, so be sure to bring Cash or Check the next time you need salted cuttle fish.

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