Monday, December 1, 2008

Top five musical crimes perpetuated by Stevie Wonder in the 80s and 90s?

Back in college, Mike P. and I came up with a “Cool Quiz” (what a lame name, right?) to gauge one’s music knowledge and street credibility. Here are some of the questions we came up with:

The Velvet Underground & Nico cover art was created by what famous art icon? Andy Warhol. What was on the cover? A Banana

Can you name one or more of David Bowie's alter egos? Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke

Who is Pete Best? The Beatle's original drummer

Where did Tom Morello graduated from college? Harvard

Well, you can imagine my excitement when I saw the Bottletree started hosting a Music Snob Trivia Night a few weeks ago!!! Every Tuesday, teams compete in eight rounds of music trivia benefitting Scrollworks.

Whaley, JD, D. Rooney & I went 2 weeks ago (JD came up with the best team name in the history of music snobbery - “Oh, I heard of them 6 months ago), and although I was confident we would walk away victorious, we came in 5th (apparently there are a lot of music nerds, err, snobs in Birmingham). The rounds range in categories from Album Cover Art, Music Theory, Misheard Lyrics, Rolling Stones, etc. and you weigh your answers 1, 3 or 5, depending on how confident you are. Does anyone know what Andy Summers is doing on the cover of the Police’s
Synchronicity . . . yeah, me neither (he was making a telephone call).
Anyways, if anybody wants to join us, we’re heading up there tomorrow (Tuesday) and it starts around 8:30.

PS – For those of you who have not been to Bottletree, they have some of the best food (vegan and “regular”), and also bring in some of the the indiest of indie acts in music (I can't believe I missed Vampire Weekend earlier this year!)


Z said...

The Synchronicity record is hanging on the wall right behind my computer monitor, and I still didn't remember what Andy Summers was doing.

The Hardens said...

i did know ziggy stardust, and harvard. No such luck on synchronicity(which I want to write scrantonicity ala kevin) or the VU album.

This is harden, not heather

Alex said...

Did yall know there are 13 Beatles songs with the word "love" in the title?? Yeah, neither did we . . .