Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh, I heard of them 3 weeks ago . . .

Has anyone else seen The Deer Hunter? I saw it a couple years ago (I think I fell asleep during part of it – it’s over three hours) and remember being BORED OUT OF MY MIND! My taste in film must not be that classy, because it won an Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor (plus Best Editing and Sound, but those are kind of boring awards). The only scene I can remember is the one where DeNiro plays Russian Roulette with the other Vietnamese guards/prisoners (MAU! MAU! DIDI MAU!)

Well, this weekend JD and I are going to get ROCKED OUT OF OUR MIND, as Deerhunter (the indie blog-darlings of the season) comes to the Bottletree on Saturday night! I had never listened to them until this week (I got a copy of Microcastle), but I’d compare them to an up-tempo My Bloody Valentine (and my exposure to MBV is only limited to Loveless). I should have guessed they were pretty uber-hip as Pitchfork had their latest album review on their front page for what seemed like forever.

Anyways, I’m bringing along my trusty Nikon, so you might see some of my picts over at next week.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! CHOMP!! CHOMP!!

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