Friday, December 5, 2008

Slap Yo Mama

Oh man, I think I found my new favorite BBQ joint in Birmingham . . . Moe’s Original BBQ

What started in Colorado by three Bammers, has now landed in Orange Beach and two Bham locations (in Vestavia and downtown in the Massey Building, home of the former Bombay Pub). Before I talk about how tasty Moe’s was/is, can we have a moment of silence for Bombay Pub?? Best sandwich in downtown Birmingham. Too bad we never invited Pete, right Andy . . . lolz.

I went to Moe’s with Jay for lunch (I doubt the downtown location is open for dinner) and ordered the Pulled Pork platter, Bama-style (vinegar slaw on top) with Mac n Cheese (nothing special) and Collards greens (fantastic, but not as good as Sweet Bones Alabama). We got there pretty early, as they had limited seating (maybe 5 or 6 tables) and our order was up fast. The meat (pork shoulder) was tender and the sauces (white and red) had great flavor. And they have REALLY good grilled cornbread. Jay also mentioned they make some mean Ribs and Brunswick Stew.

I am definitely down to go again if anybody’s interested . . .

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