Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Steal the Crumbs

When I moved to Birmingham, I was really bummed there wouldn’t be a Young Avenue Deli here in the Magic City (NOTE: the Bottletree has done a nice job filling the Y.A.D. sized hole in my heart). Not only is the Deli a great place to grab lunch, it’s also hosted all your favorite hipster-tastic bands that came through town. I’ve seen Yo La Tengo, Drive By Truckers, Bright Eyes (wow, that was 1997), Snowglobe, and LUCERO (probably fifteen plus times) over the years. Before heading over to “the Big One” Saturday afternoon, we grabbed lunch at the Deli and enjoyed the outdoor patio. I ordered the Curry* Turkey Wrap and split an order of Sweet Potato fries with my sis. I’m a sucker for anything listed as a “Deli Favorite.”
I’ve been hearing things about Fresh Slices Sidewalk Café and Deli since it opened a few years ago, but this weekend was my first time to go. I pictured more of an organic, Whole-Foods-y, O’Carr’s type café, with tons of fresh fruit, but this restaurant had burgers, pasta, steak, fish and a ton of other choices, I ordered the Evergreen Chickamauga Club (named after the Uncle Tupleo song??) which consisted of a grilled chicken breast, pepper-crusted bacon, swiss cheese and creamed spinach . . . CREAMED SPINACH?!?!? (I’m also a sucker for anything that you’re not likely to find at any other restaurant). The sandwich was pretty good (creamed spinach on a sandwich is kind of a weird textural thing), but I don’t think I’d order it again.
I also need to shout out my Mom and sisters who whipped up a feast among homecoming feasts Friday night. Here’s one of two Bandaniel-approved Fruit Pizzas, my sister, Laurie, made for dessert. My family knows how to cook.
*Speaking of curry, our good buddy Jay is doing a three month tour of duty over in India right now. Even with his “tax-ing” schedule, he’s done a great job documenting his Indian adventures. He passed on my suggested blog name “Debit, Not Credit” (think about it, it’ll come to you), but you should still check his blog “One Indian Summer” out.


Sarah Green said...

Ohh, I LOVE Fresh Slices. Thanks to the Camerons and their proximity, I was introduced to this estabishment.

skemaddox said...

FRUIT PIZZA!!! mmmmm. did you steal my crumbs from my blog?

Laurie said...

I could eat the Evergreen Chickamauga Club on a weekly basis. Deeeelish!