Thursday, July 2, 2009

Life's Worth Living in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Hello from beautiful Fort Smith, Arkansas!!! That’s right, nine years after I came to “Hell on the Border” for a CUTCO regional training; I am back . . . And ready to count some fishing lures (seriously)!!! Now for those of you who haven’t been to the Ft. Smith Regional Airport, it is straight out of a 1980’s Southern Baptist church foyer. But I shouldn’t rag on Ft. Smith. Janice at the Budget rental car was super friendly. And the Courtyard here seems well kept and relatively new.

If I had more time to explore, I might visit Miss Laura’s Social Club, the only former “house of ill-repute” that is on the National Register of Historic Places!! Somehow, I don’t think a souvenir t-shirt would be appropriate at the next church family picnic.

I had a brief layover in Memphis and treated myself to half a rack of ribs at Jim Neely’s Interstate BBQ (I usually opt for pulled pork). I love me some BBQ. If someone asks me where to eat BBQ in Memphis, I’ll recommend Interstate over Rendezvous (OVERRATED!) every time.

I know people say this all the time, but the meat fell off the bone! I’m no BBQ expert, but apparently you don’t want your BBQ to fall off the bone?? I still thought they tasted great. The slaw was chopped fine, a bit runny, but still got me a little nostalgic. The baked beans (with smoky pieces of pulled pork) were awesome. The sweet tea, ehhh . . . sorry Memphis, Birmingham has ya beat.

Also on the flight from BHM to Memphis, was University of Wisconsin’s head wrestling coach, Barry Davis. Very nice gentleman, and we had a good discussion about Malcolm Gladwell (I started Blink on the flight . . . finished Moneyball last Friday). I guess you never know when you’re going to sit next to an Olympic Medalist???


jccvi said...

I think calling the Rendezvous overrated is overrated, which means that the Rendezvous is in fact underrated.

A said...

the summer after freshman year, i worked at NBC downtown. all the cooks/waiters came in to cash their checks.

i'll never dispute that Rendezvous (their food and staff) smells delicious . . . but i'll go to a handful of other BBQ joints before i fight that "tourist" crowd!

Laurie said...

I see a Memphis Flyer in that picture! Just how close were you to Memphis?!?!?!

Ma said...

I agree about the Rendezvous..checked them off my list over 25 years ago..hadnt been back since! Add to that list, I hate to say it Pat and Gina, but Neeleys on Mt Moriah falls waay short too..their Food Network star status has done nothing to change the quality of that place...tourists beware! Go to Corky's instead ya'll......