Monday, July 6, 2009

Man vs. Blog

Does anyone else watch Man vs. Food on the Travel channel?? Although it seems like a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives rip-off, I’ll admit I’ve been sucked into an episode (or seven) this past year. When host Adam Richman visited Minneapolis, and tried a “Jucy Lucy” I thought to myself, I must try one!!

The LOML and I had our 2nd annual Fourth of July Party on Saturday, and while the general admission guests had regular hamburgers and hot dogs (and chips, watermelon, cherry cobbler, etc.), I had reserved one “special” hamburger for myself . . . the TMF’H Lucy!!

Ok, so basically, a Jucy Lucy is just two hamburger patties with cheese in the middle that melts whilst you cook it. I took two 1/6 patties, and squashed them pretty thin using a meat mallet, before putting them in the freezer to firm up. Next I took a slice of cheddar cheese and folded it over twice (that’s a thickness of 4 slices) to get a nice square block of cheesy goodness! After “crimping” the edges, it went back into the freezer to firm up some more.

(Note: I’m such an idiot, and took a really sweet “Before” picture of the two hamburger patties and the cheddar cheese all set out separately before assembly. What did I do when reviewing my photographic achievement?? Deleted it!! Doh!!)

Here is what the TMF’H Lucy looked like after assembly!

Here is the TMF’H Lucy grilling up nicely. I think “freezing” the hamburger for an hour or two before hand helped to keep it from over-cooking on the grill.

And finally the finished product!

What did my old roommate, lil mane Andy think??



MIMI said...

I say YUMMO (with apologies to Rachel Ray)! But where o where is a photo of The Patio?

Jay said...

Jucy Lucy a.k.a. as the "internal cheeseburger" per Maxim magazine circa 2000. I made those things all though college, and they are the fire.