Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Like you wanted to read another thought/commentary on the Presidential election . . .

I think the biggest disappointment of this election had to be “the kids” (hooligans, whipper-snappers, etc.)

I was watching Fox News (big surprise, right?) this morning and they were talking about how this election had record turnout among young voters. Then they played footage from last night showing “young” Obama supporters cheering and celebrating in D.C after Barack was announced the winner.

Woooo Whoooo!!! Yeah!!! Obama!!! Alright!!!

There was one hipster waving a Soviet flag . . .

Hooray Communism!!! It’s the Best!! Workers Unite!!

They had another kid wearing a t-shirt with the hammer and sickle on it . . .

YES!!!!! Reed College!!! Change!!! Michael Moore!!!!

It reminds me of the “Rasta Man” digital short SNL played the other week. Do these kids know why they are waving a Soviet flag?? Or at least why they voted for Obama??

If you are passionate about the issues Obama supports, that’s fine; you have that right as an American. But if you are just voting for him because it the hipster thing to do, you are a moron. And your parents should cancel your tuition to Oberlin.

I just want to ask all of these young people.

So why did you vote for Obama?


Oh, you don’t really know which issues are important to you; you just want “CHANGE”!!


Well why not Bob Barr or Ralph Nader? They were on the ballot. They would bring Change.

(pause . . . puts in iPod headphones)

Ohhhhhh, you voted for Barack because he was on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Or because Jon Stewart fawns over him like a little school girl.

Or because Bright Eyes thinks he’s dreamy?

PS – I promise I will not turn this into a boring “political” blog . . . I’ll make it up to you in the next post . . .

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