Monday, June 14, 2010


This post goes out to a dear friend . . . my trusty old fratagonia* shorts!

last year, when I said I should come up with a book of items that “I can’t wear anymore”???

I bought these at Kinnucan’s (?) in early Summer 2003 (I’m pretty sure it was during summer term at AU). For shorts they were pretty expensive (I think they were in the $50 range), but I liked em, and looking back it’s been a pretty good investment. I bet I’ve worn these over 200 times (at least 5 times a month, 6 months out of the year, for the last 7 years), and I know you can’t tell, but they used to be dark olive green.

Over the years, they’ve started to fray and the last few months have seen some pretty bad rips/holes in the “knees” (yes, I know shorts are already cut-off at the knees, but work with me here). Well, last weekend, I decided to pull the plug and turned these into cut-offs. I can’t show you the after picture (this is a family blog) as they are even shorter, and the LOML has made it clear they should not be for public consumption. I still think I can mow the (back) yard in them, but we’ll see . . .

I love you Patagonia shorts. You’ll be missed.

* If I haven't already, remind me to tell you my "Beta" story the next time I see you. It's the LOML's favourite!

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nick said...

Cut-offs! You should have sewn them back together! Breathe new life in your favourite clothes.

Despite this, you still get credit for #86 and #87 on stuffwhitepeoplelike.

And your Beta story is phenomenal. I was also a Bank Story fan, but I think I may have been in the minority :-)