Wednesday, June 2, 2010

If You Like Swiss Chard Frittatas and Getting Caught in the Rain

These 2 week breaks are becoming familiar, aren’t they?? Oh well, I’m back and I’ve got tasty produce to share:

Week 5’s CSA Bounty (picked up and photographed about 10 days ago)

'Panisse' Lettuce
Mixed Head Lettuce
Rainbow Chard
Snow Peas
Bok Choy
Baby White Turnips

Week 5’s selection was awesome! I think my favorite items were the snow peas, but my first experience with rainbow (Swiss) chard was pretty fulfilling, too. When I searched for a good rainbow chard recipe, frittatas seemed to be a common suggestion, so I thought “Hey Family, let’s get classy and make a Sausage, Mushroom, Feta and Rainbow Swiss Chard frittata for dinner!!”

After cooking some Italian sausage (about a pound) in our skillet (sadly, we didn’t have a cast iron skillet handy. . . R.I.P. Great Smokey Mtn skillet – thanks, Colton!), we set the meat aside and sautéed the chard stems and mushrooms in the sausage drippings (flavor!) with a little extra olive oil. So colorful, right??

After a few minutes, the LOML threw in the chard leaves and cooked those down (much like spinach, the leaves cook/shrink down pretty nicely). Here she is admiring our sweet baby girl (in her bouncy seat) while managing the skillet. 2 days as a S.A.H.M. and she’s already a pro at multi-tasking!!

After all the veggies were cooked, we added the sausage back to the pan, added some feta cheese (not much was in the fridge) and 6 beaten eggs. In my mind, I thought the 6 eggs would fill this pan up to the side, but as you can see, the pan looks pretty empty. Kinda pitiful looking, isn’t it?

Well 30 minutes in the oven at 375 though sure puffed everything up! I will say that since there wasn’t that much egg, 30 minutes was WAAAAAAAAAY more time than necessary and the egg formed more of a crispy (browned) crust. If I could do it over, I’d pick a smaller pan, double the eggs (or halve the filling) and then check it around 20 minutes.

Either way, for my first frittata, I thought dinner was a success. And we stayed classy . . . Where are my cuff links and boat shoes??

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