Saturday, February 13, 2010


After running out of too many excuses/delays on my part, and being inspired by Chad’s recent P90x success, I finally decided to get off my arse this week and sign up for a gym membership.

That’s right folks, 1997 140lb Cross Country TMF’H is BACK!!!!!!! (Ok, maybe I’ll settle for 2002ish, 185lb TMF’H)

Unfortunately, the sleeve monster has been pretty hungry in Hoover, so I’ve seen my fair share of meat heads getting their pump on. Yes, I know it’s ironic that I’m (out-of-shape) the one casting judgment on these (in-shape) folks even though we’re in a “Judgment Free Zone”??? I just want to know when it became cool to wear muscle tees when you’re working out?? Do chicks dig muscle tees???

Anyways, the gym is a great place to wear t-shirts not otherwise suitable for a young professional father like myself.

Today I wore my Yard Dog (Folk Art Gallery) t-shirt I picked up in Austin four years ago. PS - If anybody is looking for really nice 30th or 35th Birthday ideas, a Jon Langford print would be pretty sweet!!

It’s a pretty cool shirt, but today I realized someone else at the gym might mistake it for a TapouT t-shirt!!?!?! I mean from across the room, the logo is definitely a similar shape (and I’m sure the black t-shirt doesn’t help). Let me be clear, if I EVER even think about wearing TapouT (or Affliction) apparel, you have complete authority to punch me in the face.

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nick said...

TapouT is the first thing I thought of when I saw your shirt. It kind of has a hipster/irony vibe. Be sure to wear your AA sweatbands and your All-Stars with it next time.

Seriously though, keep up the workouts. We'll have a gun show this summer

PS I am still laughing at "sleeve monster"