Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brimful of Deliciousness

I’d say I’m a pretty big fan of “ethnic” food and restaurants. One of my lovely sisters is visiting us this week, and since she shares my love of food and cooking, we decided to try out Taj India off Highland Avenue! Laurie has been to her fair share of Indian restaurants in Memphis, and was eager to see how the Magic City stacked up* (I had blogger dreams of breaking out my 50mm 1.8/f for our meal, but it was raining pretty hard, and I didn’t want to risk it, so you’ll have to settle for my crappy 2 pixel camera picts).

We ordered the Chef Special Thali for Two (I thought that’d be the best way to sample a little of everything).

First they brought out a sizzling platter of various meats (I thought this was the main course). We filled up on Tandoori Chicken, Shish Kabab, and Chicken Tikka, before our waitress asked us if we were enjoying our “appetizer.” What?? There was more?? (I didn’t really know what was what, so I figured this was it)

Next came the main platter of Shrimp Makhni (sooo good), Chicken Tikka Masala (mmmm, even better), Sag Paneer (kinda like a creamed spinach), Basmati Rice, Tandoori Naan Bread, Raita, and Gulab Jamun (dessert). If that sounds like a lot of food, it’s because it was.

Some people might be a little intimidated by the flavors of India (I’m sure Reuben Feffer didn’t do much for the Indian restaurant industry), but everything we had was very tasty and palatable (mild wouldn’t be the right word, because the flavors were not mild, but the food wasn’t of the hot/spicy, heartburn-inducing variety). Laurie even said the flavors and spices were better than anything she’s ever had in Memphis (she actually said “You can quote me on your blog”).

Taj India serves lunch and dinner 7 days a week, and has a daily lunch buffet for those who may want to try out their dishes in a less intimidating environment (I really think I could serve you Shrimp Makhni or Chicken Tikka Masala, tell you it was from Surin, and you’d be asking for more).

In other foodie news, my good buddy, Grant, has recently jumped into the (food) blogging world. Grant is a fantastic chef and gave me a serious case of Food-Envy a month ago when he made Brick Grilled Chicken for a bunch of our friends. You should check him out, unless you like iceberg lettuce salads, with Hamburger Helper for dinner . . .

*We’re also heading to Music Snob Trivia at Bottletree tonight, if any of you stalkers want to join us . . .


jccvi said...

The Taj India lunch buffet was a big splurge for me while at Samford. Nothing better to segue into a long nap after an all night paper.

That said, Mayuri on Kirby at Quince has better food off the buffet than you can get off the menu at Taj. You can quote me on that and use the size of my gut as supplemental evidence.

Do they still have the steel cups at Taj India?

Alex said...

They are still rockin the steel cups. We thought they were going to take our picture for About Town, we felt so high society . . .