Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cookin' with Ben, Brian, John & Roy

If you're looking for some tasty Mexican/Peruvian cusine, you should definitley check out Sabor Latino (on Greensprings). Tonight, when I was picking up some take-out for the LOML and our friends Fef & Clay, I decided to kill some time in the Tuesday Morning next door (ok, ok, i was checking to see if they had any Le Creuset on sale). And what did I happen upon in aisle 3???? LUCERO FREAKING OLIVE OIL!!

Hellz yeah, I bought a bottle!! And at $6.99 a bottle, I think it was a steal . . .


MIMI said...

That oil will make your stomach SING (in a good way)! How about a review ?

jccvi said...

Good to see Sabor's get a shout out for anything other than watery $1 margaritas on Wednesday night.

The Samford party crowd loved it so much that the Chi Os had a Step Sing show called "Un Sabor de Latino" (they were riding the Ricky Martin wave in '00).

I won't say the show was offensive, but it did involve maracas and the liberal application of bronzer.

You should know these things if you live in Birmingham.

jccvi said...

In their defense, they refrained from wearing fruit hats.