Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chillin' at the Hampton Inn

In addition to hanging out with Mimi & Op last weekend, the LOML and I also went to see Brad & Elle in the Big Apple!! We actually drove into NYC Saturday morning and then rode with BLEE to the Hamptons (cue P. Diddy). That’s right; we were rubbing elbows with Billy & Katie Lee (ooops!!) and rolling 26’s on the Bentley!!

Saturday we went to the Barefoot Contessa’s favorite Farmer’s Market (no lie), hung out at the pool, walked around downtown East Hampton, had $5 ice cream cones, and caught up on all our Condé Nast publications. BLEE is renting their house (in Amagansett) with another couple and the wife is a kitchen manager for Martha Stewart. We quickly tricked her into cooking dinner for us Saturday night. OMG, I could have eaten this Chimichurri sauce on my Top-Siders for dinner, it was that good (don’t worry; I’ll recreate it for yall later in the summer)!!!

Sunday we drove up to Montauk and had lunch at Lunch (while Lunch may be world famous for the Lobster Rolls, their website is HTML-lame!). When in Rome, I decided to do as the Hamptonians do and had one of their world famous Lobster Rolls.

Can I be honest?? The roll was the best part (hot, buttery and delicious) of the sandwich. Maybe I was expecting it to be the best food I ever put in my mouth, but the Lobster was really just alright for me, dawg. I mean, I’m glad I tried it, but I don’t get all the hype?? After lunch, we walked on the beach, took various awkward family photos, and then went for a drink and people watching at the Surf Lodge.

The thing that struck me about the Hamptons was how LUSH and GREEN everything was! It’s not like the usual beach towns you’re used to. Everything is covered in thick hedges and tall trees (no palm trees). It’s very New England-y and a bit Euro-rustic. We saw some crazy big houses (mostly covered in those thick 20 ft hedges), but I think everyone would be just as happy on the Florida or Carolina coast.

The LOML and I had a great time and loved hanging out with BLEE (along with Boston Rob and Alison!!). Thank yall again for having us and hopefully it won’t be 2 years before we fellowship again!!! OMK!!


Sarah Green said...

Alas, you made my wish come true. I'm feeling a slight twinge of jealousy. Is their a vacay planned for the Little Apple (a.k.a. Manhattan, KS)?

Sarah Green said...

Their = there. I mean I'm an English teacher for heaven's sake!