Thursday, May 14, 2009


I can’t say I was that familiar with their music before the show (I burned a couple cd’s from Stephen and D, and saw them on SNL and the Colbert Report earlier this year), but TV on the Radio put on a ROCKING good time Wednesday night.* This band oozes New York City cool and makes you want to move to Brooklyn and participate in a literary collective or slow food co-op. Kyp Malone also makes you want to grow a very, very large beard.

Any blog post re: this show wouldn't be complete without mentioning the fact that TVOTR played before an intimate crowd of 300 at Bottletree (tickets sold out back in February) whereas they've been accustomed to playing shows to audiences of hundreds (thousands?) more! The sign on the door said no photography or video equipment allowed, so you’ll have to settle for this really blurry/crappy camera pict!

* If you’ve got an extra $.99 on an old iTunes gift card, go ahead and download "Staring at the Sun," last night’s closer!


Will said...

I'm sure it's on one of those mix cds you picked up - "Wolf Like Me" is my favorite TVOTR! Bottletree with those guys - you lucky bastard!

skemaddox said...

I gotta be honest. I was not a huge fan of TVOTR until i saw them at Coachella and they freakin blew me away! Agreed they rock.

Laurie said...

So bummed I didnt get to go to the show with you! BUT i'm going to see them in Atlanta next month, Grizzly Bear is opening. I might pass through Bham, I'll keep ya posted.