Monday, May 11, 2009

Fried Oysters and Remoulade

So a few months ago I stumbled upon this post on Friday Oysters. The LOML and I always enjoy a good Fried Oyster appetizer if we’re at a “nice” (Little Savannah, etc.) restaurant, and since reading that post, I’ve been itching to fry up some ourselves (Note: we fried these up about 3 weeks ago)

First, I have to say that the Fish Monger at Whole Foods was very friendly/helpful when I went to buy these oysters, but he didn’t know about how many were in a Pint. I told him, they’d be for about 10 folks, and he said there were “probably a dozen (12) or two (24)” in a pint??? I think in the future, I’m going to double quantities if I’m not sure.

How much time do you need to finish up the audit?

Oh, probably 5 or 10 days.

But I digest. Being overly ambitious, I thought I’d make my own breadcrumbs from a loaf of French bread . . . except when we got back from Publix, I picked up a whole wheat loaf!! I threw in a little corn meal as well, and you could definitely see it in the batter, but I agree with C&L that breadcrumbs were a good choice (and the whole wheat tasted pretty good, too). The blending Wondra flour was worth the investment, and I’m looking forward to battering and frying something else in the near future (Mmmmmm, CFS). I had not heard of this kind of super-fine flour before, but I think it helped with the Crispiness.

To go along with these ambitious oyster appetizers, I also wanted to make my own remoulade. I couldn’t really find a recipe on the interweb I liked, so I winged it and threw this little beauty together. I would have loved to throw in some chopped capers, but didn’t have any in the fridge :( All in all, I thought it was pretty authentic and tasted good with the Oysters.

TMF’H Remoulade
1.25 C Mayo
.5 C Sour Cream
Lemon Juice (.5)
3 cloves garlic (minced)
.25 C Ketchup
10 shakes Tabasco/Texas Pete’s

Directions: Combine/Mix, Chill, Serve

We took these to our church’s Small Group as an appetizer and I thought they turned out well . . . BUT, our kitchen/house smelled like Captain D’s for a solid 36 hours afterwards!!!


MIMI said...

Ohhhhhhhh, these recipes are getting better and better, and so are the photos!! I see a cookbook in your future.

Will said...

totally dude...frying anything (especially seafood) will leave a stankonia , almost a spectre, in your house for it worth it? sometimes

Will said...

A lovely Yankee secret I've heard but not tried since we've been here for eliminating seafood house smell when you cook - throw a little vermouth (the dry not the sweet) in the pan with the scallops/shrimp/oysters etc - watch out for the flames!

Laurie said...

what kind of oil did you use? peanut oil is key... that's what i used when i made fried chicken for the first time last week. i highly recommend.

jccvi said...

Use of our wedding gifted deep fryer is limited to the backyard. This makes sense as deep frying is the essence of cooking the way nature intended.

Get you some red potatoes and dice them (it doesn't matter if they're all the same size). Slice up some garlic and cilantro. Take the fry daddy outside and get some peanut oil hot. Throw everything else in until it looks done. The cilantro won't burn for some scientific reason (you went to Auburn, ask an engineer).

We picked up this recipe in the Lebanon and it is awesome.

A said...

Mim, as always thanks for your love and comments!

Will, that sounds like a good tip. Now I’d like a martini . . .

Laurie, i used veg oil, b/c that's all we had on hand. i did use peanut when we made home-made corn dogs two years ago . . .

JC6, I never would have thought to pair cilantro with fried potatoes, but that sounds delicious . . .