Friday, March 13, 2009

Scarier than an equity account that won't roll :O

Wow, you go and take your Blog private and then don’t even post anything exciting and/or interesting for a week (notice how presumptuous I am, to assume you think I am exciting and/or interesting).

Let’s just say it’s been a LONG week (I think this is our fourth straight 60 hour week) and the Corporate deadline is Monday. What have I been up to besides clearing review notes and tracking down missing information from clients??

Listening to a lot of rap on (Kanye, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, etc.)

Listening to Mastodon and AM! cover ZZ Top and the Replacements from Warner Brothers’ 50th Anniversary compilation

Wishing I had time to watch Zack Arias critique photographers’ online portfolios/websites

Wishing I was up in NYC to participate in the Great Annual Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt (I think this would be a sweet idea for the Magic City as well)

Counting down the days til April 16th

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Zach said...

you really need to watch the Zack Arias stuff man. It's good!