Thursday, July 22, 2010


(pleasantry, pleasantry, excuse for absence, promise to update more, etc.)

I’ve got to brag on the LOML for a minute. Yesterday afternoon, she said she had a special meal planned for dinner, and that it would be a surprise (don’t worry, it wasn’t baby carrots, baby shrimp and baby back ribs).

When I got home, the house smelled great and she had a giddy sense of accomplishment because she knew she just made something awesome . . . and she was right!!

My dear wife roasted a whole chicken with lemons and onion (a ‘la Barefoot in Paris) and served it with an arugula salad with homemade lemon vinaigrette!!!! (BTW, the salad had sungold cherry tomatoes (from Snow’s Bend) and they were the sweetest tomatoes I’ve ever tasted)


After dinner, we decided to try the new Yogurt Lab in Vestavia . . . Amazing!!!! As you may have noticed, there has been a recent surge (over-saturation??) of self-serve yogurt shops in Birmingham in the last year (Thanks for spotting an opportunity, Yogurt Mountain), but I think Yogurt Lab is leading the pack (I’ve only tried YM, TYS, and Tuttie Frutti (Auburn)). The space was huge and the (fresh) topping selections were better than what I’ve seen elsewhere. We are definitely going back this weekend.

PS – Sorry for the iPhone picts. I've left my DSLR @ the office this week while I’ve been taking company headshots for LinkedIn, promotional press, etc.

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MIMI said...

Wow! As Grandaddy Loprete used to say, "That looks good enough to eat!" I'll bet it was delicious, lucky you, Alex!