Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It’s (Now) Easy Eating Green

For anybody who is interested, today I received an e-mail letting me know that Snow’s Bend Farm will be accepting new applications to join their CSA starting this Friday!! Wooo Whoooo!!! I am pumped!!

What is a CSA you ask??? Rachel Zoe Insler (via the AG) gave a pretty good run-down last fall, but basically, if you live in or around Birmingham, Snow’s Bend will provide (and even deliver!) fresh, farmed fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. all year long (ok, about 40 weeks long) for a (very reasonable) flat fee!

And since we learned in Food Inc. that all commercialized/industrialized food is sending us straight to Hell in a Corn-fed Hand Basket, a CSA like Snow’s Bend will help us do a better job of eating fresh and in season!


Laurie said...

so jealous! the CSA near memphis that i always try to join is always too full! have fun eating local!

LA girl said...

Food Inc. comment. LOL.

I saw that movie a few weeks ago. Thought it had some major propaganda/bias but still enjoyed it.

We're definitely doing CSA this year but mostly because I prefer the "fresh" variety as opposed to the "aged" variety from the supermarket.

A said...

I'm so excited!! Thinking about posting a weekly run-down of the bounty once it starts 4/15!