Thursday, October 1, 2009

Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone

Stephen and I went to see the Walkmen play Tuesday night at Bottletree. I’m not super-familiar with all their music, but I do remember when they were on the O.C. And I really like that song “the Rat” (some may say is one of the Top 20 songs of the Decade ).

I’m gonna go ahead and call that (opening act) Here We Go Magic will be the indie blog-darlings of 2010 (they just signed to Secretly Canadian). Daniel, write that down.

And here is that Saturn (R.I.P.) commercial you may remember from the early 2000’s.

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Will said...

"yoooooooooooou've got a nerve to asking a favor! yooooooooooou've got a nerve to be calling my number! We've been thru this before! Can't you hear me? I'm screaming at your door!"
ah, what a song!